Top 5 Self-Improvement Books & Podcasts

The restrictions in the pandemic era have left us struggling with anxieties, stress, and negative emotions. Curfews, quarantines, medical isolations, and the fear of being infected have restricted our ability to go to parties, theatres, concert halls, bars, and restaurants.

Where do you find your happiness in an era where social gatherings and interactions are forbidden?

Thankfully, these restrictions are slowly decreasing but it is necessary to note that our current times create several opportunities. Where are these opportunities you wonder? The answer is simple, it is present in content and improves your life.

But how would you improve your life in this day and age, you ask?

Again, it is through the simple consumption of great content that matters.

Well, self-improvement books and podcasts can help you reorganize your life and make it better. However, it would help if you acknowledged that not all self-improvement books and podcasts would meet your needs. Here are the best ones you must take time to interact with, no matter your age.

Remember that there are many self-help books out there but a few of them are quite compelling.

Top 5 Effective Self-improvement books

#1 Seth Godin’s Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck

Seth Godin is a fantastic author. He has founded several companies, has lived life, and has helped to change many people’s lives for the better. He is not merely a self help author but someone who gives actionable advice. The author and entrepreneur makes you think of the world in a different light.

This book is one that many people forget to read but it can have a deep impact on their lives.

This is the best text to read if you are about to make serious decisions in life. Godin stirs you to get answers to the most challenging questions you have ever asked yourself. Reading Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck leaves you with a more vibrant viewpoint and bold possibilities in life.

#2 Stephen R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The title says it all. Covey uses this book to explain how one can adapt to become effective in the real world. Could you read it as a self-improvement guide? Sure, it would certainly help you to hone and refine your thinking.

#3Brian Tracy’s Eat that Frog!

Tracy’s Eat that Frog is fantastic! It stresses the importance of breaking the spell of procrastination by setting priorities straight, breaking tasks, and tackling the giant frog first before you start something else.

#4 Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

This is a timeless guide that will help you find out what matters in life. Hill uses Think and Grow Rich to explain how growing rich starts from the mind.

A Few Compelling Podcasts To Listen To

#1 Happier With Gretchen Rubin

The podcaster shares her struggles in life and stories of other people that help her audiences deal with obstacles and achieve happiness. This is for you if you are dealing with loneliness, anxiety, relationship challenges, and stress.

#2 How to with Charles Duhigg

The prize-winning journalist and bestselling author use this podcast channel to investigate life issues and avail expert solutions and opinions.

#3 The Happiness Lab by Dr. Laurie Santos

Laurie shares the real meaning of happiness backed by scientific research on The Happiness Lab.

These are a few of the most compelling types of content to consume for a better life.