5 Best Travel Destinations in 2019

1. Berlin, Germany 

This year marks thirty years since the Berlin Wall fell. It’s going to be a year marked by cultural events celebrating everything that makes Berlin great. Exhibits, dances, concerts, and festivals will all be taking place to commemorate 100 years of the Bauhaus architectural movement. Even the nightlife industry is preparing to be a part of this celebration as deejays gather at a popup nightclub to present the hottest sets. Berlin has one more surprise for its 2019 visitors. Once a meat capital, Berlin has an exciting new vegetarian scene to share with the world.

2. Brisbane, Australia 

Brisbane is stepping out of Sydney’s shadows and becoming one of the hottest Australian destinations. New developments are bringing a livelier restaurant and shopping scene to the city. New hotels are popping up in this city, and the Brisbane River brings the same charm and elegance as the Seine does in Paris.

3. The Grand Canyon


If you’re looking for a domestic destination to venture to this year, don’t discount the Grand Canyon just because it’s popular. As one of the United States’ most famous landmarks, the Grand Canyon inspires and captivates all who come to visit. Seeing the Grand Canyon is a truly breathtaking experience, and 2019 marks 100 years since the canyon’s formation. If you are looking for peace of mind or creative inspiration this year, you simply must head to the Grand Canyon.4. Hoi An, Vietnam 

This historic port city is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Hoi An’s Ancient Town is protected by UNESCO, and creative thinkers are working to revitalize the area. Luxury hotels are claiming real estate in Hoi An, along with modern restaurants and shops. One restaurant, Cô Mai, is paying homage to the city’s spice trading roots through their exquisite dishes. This vibrant city continues to bloom more each day.

5. Israel 

Many people are taking a trip to the Holy Land this year, but not all of them are heading there for religious reasons. Tel Aviv continues to grow, and a new connection has been added linking the city directly to Jerusalem. New luxury hotels have been added to support the tourist industry, and the White City area in Tel Aviv has long been an architectural wonder well-worth visiting. Israel will be celebrating the Bauhaus anniversary with the reopening of the Liebling House as the White City Center.