Get ready for the new fashion trends

Goodbye winter, and hello spring. It’s time to start putting away bulky sweaters and busting out your finest warm-weather fashion. As we wait for the temperature to rise, we can look at the trends heading our way.

Comfortable Shorts

This season, you should strut your stuff in shorts that prioritize comfort. You can still show off your legs but do so in shorts that are tailored yet not tight. Look for knee-length shorts and shorts that hit two-thirds of the way down your thighs.

Sexy Flats

Feel free to put away your stilettos. Flats are anything but plain. The ones that ruled the runway used feathers, fancy laces, and unique designs for extra flare.

Big Hats

Hats are an ideal complement for a spring outfit. This year, the trend is toward oversized, floppy hats. They’re a perfect blend of playful, sophisticated, and practical — as a bonus, oversized hats protect you from getting too much sun.


This spring’s retro trend takes the tie-dye from the 60s to a whole new level. It’s modern and chic, whether you wear a matching tie-dye two-piece or a feminine maxi dress.

Intricate Pleats

You might think pleats are boring or old-fashioned, but this spring’s pleated looks are anything but. The folds are tighter and more intricate. Designers are using them in innovative ways, like pleated sleaves or a pleated bodice that creates a dramatic silhouette.

Glittery Glamour

Sequins are everywhere this spring and summer — on shoes, dresses, purses, and more. You can choose between smaller, more subtle beaded looks and flashier, bigger sequined styles. If you don’t want to go all in with the glitz, go for sequined accessories instead.

Neon Glow

Nothing says hot summer nights or playful spring afternoons like a dash of vibrant neon. Pink and green will be huge, but don’t be afraid to go for bold oranges or blues.

Fringe Everywhere

This Western trend fluttered across the runways on jackets, skirts, pants, and even shoes. If you’re not completely sold on the modern cowboy look, you can grab a cute fringed purse to stay on trend.

Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves add a romantic touch to the shoulders of warm-weather jackets and dresses. In the past, they might have been boxier and overwhelming, but this year they’re more delicate and feminine.